Resetting Password

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Ascension has hospitals in more than 20 states, and the health service has been around for two decades. My Ascension comes in second when it comes to being the best hospital in the United States.


It has a vast medical network that allows it to cover the maximum number of patients and employ thousands of people. The Ascension connection gives healthcare professionals access to more comprehensive information about the hospital’s current and future plans.

How Do I Reset My Ascension Account Password?

If you are one of those who sets a problematic password and then completely forget the account password, don’t worry, we can help you. Not only can we use the same Ascension Health Password Management (AHPM) tool to unlock an account, we can also reset your forgotten password.

To use this tool it is necessary to be registered and if you are not registered you can consult the previous tutorial that explains how to write with APM. When finished, reset your password again.

  • Click on the appropriate “Here” link on the right side of the My Ascension patient portal,
  • You can also access the My Ascension password reset page by visiting
  • Enter your User ID in the appropriate blank field for more information. Make sure you don’t include the domain and backslash in your username as in the example provided.
  • Enter the text Captcha (note in capital letters) as a security measure to reduce spam.
  • The next step can be reached by clicking the “Next” button.
  • Enter the requested details to complete the third or final password reset step for your My Ascension Employee Login online account.
  • You may contact your local Ascension Technologies customer service if you have forgotten your User ID or need further assistance in resetting your My Ascension password.
  • Also see the FAQ section if you have any questions after logging into your My Ascension account via the Ascension Network or the Ascension Virtual Private Network.