By logging in to My Ascension Online Account, as an Ascension employee, you can access all of your Ascension-related information and resources to manage your activities, work hours, and more. It will help you improve your Ascension career as well as the quality of healthcare services in just a few clicks.My-Ascension

This healthcare organization was founded as a non-profit Catholic healthcare system based in St. Louis, Missouri. Ascension Healthcare makes the My Ascension web portal available to its employees so they can easily and conveniently access their business account on and off the network.


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The Ascension Health System is among the biggest and best ranked private hospitals in the United States. The company runs 150 hospitals, has 165,000 employees, 2,600 nursing homes, and more than 40 senior homes in 19 states and the District of Columbia.


Registration Process For New Users

You can access the My Ascension Login web portal from any device with an Internet connection if you are an Ascension employee.

  • Navigate to the browser.
  • Healthcare.ascension.org is the official Ascension website.
  • From the MORE INFORMATION column on the right, select the For Employees link.
  • Then select where you are or what state you are in.
  • Your name and SSN can be entered here.
  • Please enter an email address that is valid as well.
  • You will see my ascension as the first option. Click on “PORTAL ACCESS”.
  • Your registration will be confirmed by email once you have completed it.

How Can I Complete My Ascension Login?

The first step will be to explain how to log into the My Ascension portal, then we will discuss what might prevent you from logging in. Please review the simple steps below to get started.


  • You can access the My Ascension Employee Portal by clicking this link: https://ihub-oci.myascension.org/login/login.html.
  • In the login page, you can see there are two fields that need to be filled in.
  • Usernames and passwords must be entered in the appropriate fields.
  • Click Connect when you’re finished. This should take you to your portal account.
  • It is important to keep a few things in mind when using this portal. The first rule is you can’t input a username with a domain name or backslash. If you do, you’ll get an error.

Multi-factor authentication is also a new authentication method. Ascension.org uses this method. For more information, please see the portal connection.

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