Ascension is a faith-based social service society dedicated to change through development across the continuum of care. In addition to providing personalized care to people in need, My Ascension‘s social welfare organization emphasizes helping the helpless and the helpless in need. In fiscal 2019, Ascension paid $2 billion to people in need and other network benefit programs. Rising includes over 150,000 partners and 40,000 custom suppliers.


This healthcare organization was founded as a non-profit Catholic healthcare system based in St. Louis, Missouri. Ascension Healthcare provides its employees with the My Ascension web portal for easy and convenient access to their business accounts on and off the network.

The National Wellness Framework operates in more than 2,600 care goals, including approximately fifty emergency clinics and more than 50 government agencies in twenty states and the District of Columbia, while providing a variety of jurisdictions, including administration and administration of clinics, financial contribution, speculation, board of directors, biomedical building, management offices, opportunity management and acquisitions through Ascension’s own collective purchasing organization.

There are over 151 hospitals across the country, employing a total of 15,000 people. There was a time in 2014 when Ascension partnered with an Indian hospital called Narayana Health of India to expand its network. Finally, in 2018, Ascension dissolved the company and sold all shares to the associated hospital unit.

Ascension became quite famous after Project Nightingale, where it partnered with Google to share all the data to present AI-powered recommendations. Ascension always wants to do better and continues to take steps to do the same. Project Nightingale was quite successful, digitizing the entire hospital system in a short period of time. From the MyAscension login page, it is clear that healthcare facilities are now available online with minimal effort.